Wholesale CBD Europe

Wholesale CBD Europe distributes on behalf of organic farmers and producers located here in Europe.

This is the official wholesale orders site for the Granjacia™ range of white label products amongst others.

The Granjacia Farms Network is one of the leading suppliers of hemp in Europe and we distribute their hemp products Globally.

All available products are certified by the Spanish authorities and are legal for export.

We cater to bulk and white label and have the best suppliers in the business, collated over ten years.

We welcome retailers large and small to distribute high-quality organic hemp products to their client base.

*Membership to this site is required to process orders. For that, we require typical business details.

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Hemp Distribution Europe

Organic Sustainable Products Sourced Locally and Distributed Globally.

Wholesale CBD Europe is owned by Granjacia™, a legally registered Spanish business with tax identity: x7129918x.

We work closely for and on behalf of local and organic farmers and producers throughout Spain and Europe whose ethos meets our own.

Sustainable, Reliable, Knowledgeable – Why Source Anywhere Else?

Including being a Wholesale Division of Granjacia, One of the leading producers of hemp CBD products in the world we also work closely with local organic associations.

We can supply health stores, clinics, retail outlets, veterinarians….

All products are officially legal and licensed for export..

Who are Granjacia?

Altho we list and supply many products our main local suppliers are the Granjacia Farms network.

Amongst this network is a selection of hemp producers, specialising in different hemp sectors.

Our own Granjacia team has been cultivating hemp for the purpose of producing CBD and other cannabinoids whilst other members produce for hemp oil or seeds, or indeed to produce hemp proteins or flour or fibres.

We also distribute on behalf of CBDNetwork, a multidisciplinary non-profit group formed by patients, families and professionals, convinced that CBD is a valid adjuvant therapy in many pathologies, with only minor side effects.

We have always strived to have recognition and access to a natural therapy with extracts of hemp, high in CBD, but with almost no content in THC and therefore, no psychoactive effect.

Our wholesale network was launched under license, supporting local causes; and keeping costs down and quality high for the end users.

Organic Hemp Farms here in the South of Spain

This area of Spain is world renown for it’s perfect growing climate for medicinal plants from the cannabis family and there are often subtle or major differences between the hemp grown locally and the hemp grown in places such as Scandinavia or even in the north of Spain when it comes to the overall balance and composition of the cannabinoids it produces.

Our Granjacia wholesale CBD products were not an afterthought from fibre production, our background is in organic food, well being and alternative medicine. We believe in the full entourage effect of the different cannabinoids as we do with using a variety of fruits or vegetables or nutrients in your diet.

If we were looking at being resourceful too (and we always are) then Spain is an obvious choice to provide much of this hemp cultivation for Europe as a whole, be it in Northern Spain for its strong fibre plants or the south for its broad range of beneficial properties the sun and long summers provide.

We are organic farmers, not chemists. Doing things we believe in and stand for.

Sustainable, Compassionate, Knowledgeable, Professional

Why would you source your hemp products from anywhere else?

Certified CBD

Our sanitary registry number is 16.004505/MA

We pass regular inspections, etc, by the ministry of health, to check installations and protocols, you can check we are OK at the government site, introduce our reg. san. the number in the field:


We follow UNDC protocols, specified here: https://www.unodc.org/documents/scientific/ST-NAR-40-Ebook.pdf

We use standards by Sigma-Aldrich, all testings are made two times in blind assay, to assure the accuracy of our protocols.

If needed or asked, we have several contacts with certified laboratories that can confirm (or deny) our results.

Read more about our CO2 Processes for CBD.

CBD – C02 Super Critical Extraction

Some producers make use of modern high end laboratory equipment, Cold manufacturing processes, critical and supercritical CO2 extraction processes are sometimes utilised to produce the highest quality of CBD products available today.

Supercritical CO2 extraction, for example, is already the desired standard for the food and herbal supplement industries.

Why use CO2?

The primary reason is to create a pure, clean, quality oil that is safe to produce with little post-processing, something that is far more difficult (tho not impossible) with other methods. (Altho we have experience here too and certainly can)

CO2 is efficient, inexpensive and is a “tunable” solvent. This ability to tune an extraction process cannot be overstated in our own line of work. CO2 is also a sanitizing agent that helps prolong shelf life.

CO2 is basically pushed through a filter at high pressure where it is separated from the plant matter once this pressure is released. Then we evaporate off the CO2.

Our years of experience testing and our knowledge of the extraction means we create high-quality CBD products proven to help many people.

Does this mean we recommend C02 methods?

Not necessarily no. There are some subtle differences with the end product, a hydrocarbon with ethanol, for example, is also a clean and efficient process and for many people, has a more rounded profile. Due to our background, most of our wellbeing products are not using C02. From our RAW to decarboxylated oils they are still aimed at being powerful full profile extracts and utilise Ethanol.